It' Not all Black & White: Choosing Senior Picture Photographers

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How can I tell if the photographer I like really has the right stuff to take my Senior Pictures?

The eyes are the tell-all. Take a look at differences in the way light works in the eyes of the subject when taken by a professional and a “faux-tographer”. Eyes properly lit take on more expression and evoke the feeling of the “window to the soul”.  When not photographed properly, you’ll notice the slight reflection in the eye missing and the feeling that “twinkle” creates just isn’t there.

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What if there is a little something in my face or physique that I want diminished, you know... or if I want to highlight the color of my eyes, in my Senior Photos?

Posing the body and face and lighting the eyes properly makes all the difference in photographing people.  You’ll get better results with a real professional photographer. Every Senior is different, not just in body type and build alone, but in personality, color tone, and posture.  Knowing how to combine all these things for Senior Pictures makes all the difference. No matter what price tag is attached.  

Will the photographer make my Senior walk around on the streets hot, sweating and gawked at by other people watching them get their senior photos taken?

Professional Senior Photographers with a physical studio location should provide private dressing rooms (indoor or outdoor) so that you can make outfit changes without embarrassment or feeling rushed. Non-Professional Photographers don’t have the luxury of private locations or accommodations. “Faux-tographers” will have you changing in your car or in a public restroom (yuck!) so be prepared if that’s the photographer you choose.

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Senior Pictures on CD/DVD's:

Images on CD are largely overrated. You lose quality control and miss out on important final touches like professional senior picture retouching and wallet die-cutting (to round the edges to a clean shape). Besides, what if your computer crashes, gets a virus, or the CD gets scratched?

How will you order reprints if the part-time faux-tographer graduates from school and moves back home with their parents? - or your "Mom's friend" decides it's just too stressful with the kids and their photography side job and decides to quit and get back into selling real estate again?


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