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Preparing for Senior Picture Ideas:
What you Absolutely MUST do the Day Before Your Senior Picture Appointment...

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Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#1:
Get plenty of sleep the night before your Senior Pictures. You won't have bags under your eyes, you'll be alert and responsive to your photographer, and you'll be in a good mood. Naturally, it will show in your senior pictures!

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#2: Prepare your outfits. Make sure your formal outfits have been pressed or dry cleaned. Pack them in an appropriate carrier. Tossing all your stuff in a clothes basket and showing up unprepared will not necessarily return satisfactory results.

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#3: Contact the senior picture photographer or studio to confirm your appointment. Just a little precaution in case there may have been a booking error.

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#4: Does your car have enough gas for the trip? That may sound like your Aunt Edna's advice, but you don't want to run late because of something so simple.

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#5: Got reliable directions? Mapquest. Google Maps. Whatever. Just make sure you don't go East on Maple Street instead of West when driving to your Senior Picture appoinmentd!

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#6: Check the weather forecast. Especially if your session includes outdoor senior photography. Hopefully your photographer has a rainout plan.

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#7: If you are having a friend or relative being photographed with you, be sure to contact them ahead of time to remind them of the senior picture appointment. The high school senior photographer you choose may not offer a reshoot if they don't show.

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Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#8: Arrange to have a friend or family member come with you to your senior picture appointment. They can help with last minute ideas, carry clothes and props, mind your pet or props so you can be more relaxed and natural.

Day Before Senior Pictures Tip#9: If you feel your mom or dad will make you nervous or uneasy, kindly and honestly ask them ahead of time to wait in the lobby or car while you are with the photographer. Have them contact your photographer for their professional opinion if you are afraid of unnecessary conflict or of hurt feelings.

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