Free Professional Hair and Makeup Tips for Senior Pictures.


Don't get caught looking like a nightmare for your Senior Pictures! Follow these simple tips and you'll be A.O.K.!

Senior Picture Tips:

Make Your Eyes POP!
Dab some glimmery white eye shadow on the sides of
your nose, at the bridge.

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Supa-size Your Eyes!
Draw thin lines of black eyeliner along the top and bottom
of your lash lines. To elongate your eyes, extend the line
slightly past your outer corners. To add depth, sweep
a dark eye shadow along your creases with a pointed
brush. Then, rub a shimmery beige eye shadow on your
lids under the creases. Apply a bit in the inner corners
of your eyes as well as below your brow bone. Rim the
inside of your lower lash lines with a nude eyeliner. Curl
your lashes and finish it off with some mascara!

Smokin' Eyes!
Make the smokey eye look easy to do. A smokey eye look
can sometimes be hard to achieve, especially if you don’t
have a steady hand. Instead, dab a tiny bit of foundation
on to your eye lids to create a base, then apply a soft gray
pencil on top and smudge in your eyeliner by using tiny
circular motions near the lashes to blend in the color.
This makes it easier to blend and gives you a silky finish.

Care for Your Lashes!
Never use your eyelash curler after applying your
mascara! Always use it before or you may pull out your

Want Perfect Lashes?
To get that perfect lash look, heat your eyelash curler with a
blow-dryer for a few seconds (make sure it is not too hot
before curling). Heat will lock in the lengthy curl.

Time to Re-Define Your Eyes
Give your eyes the great definition they deserve. Define
the bone structure in the eye area using bronzer. Brush
on bronzer from the inner corner of your eye towards
bridge of nose.

...more eye tips

Thick to Thin!
Eyeliner should be applied close to base of eyelashes to
make them look thicker. Start with a thicker line on the
outer edge of your lid with elbow on table for stability,
draw the line towards inner corner of your eye, thinning
the line as you go.

Make Your Eyes Look Less Tired
Dust a strip of gold eye shadow on to the center of your
eyelids from lash lines to creases. Use one with a hint
of shimmer- to make it more appropriate for daytime of

Tired Eyes? Here's a tip!
To fake awake and wide eyes after a long night apply a light
eyeshadow in bright tones such as whites or golds to the
inside corner of the eyes. Blend a bit up to the brow and
down under the eye.

Fixing Dark Circles
Many women make the mistake of using a concealer
that is lighter than their skin tone. Use an illuminating
concealer in the same color as your foundation. By using
the correct shade, you will hide shadows, and the light
reflecting particles will help brighten up those eyes.

Best Way to Reduce Puffiness
Take a couple of green tea or black tea bags and soak
them in hot water for about 15 seconds. Then place them
in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool them off. Next, lay
down with your head elevated for about 5 minutes with
the tea bags on your eyes (you may want to set a timer).
Before you do anything else such as cleanse your face,
make sure you let skin dry completely. You should feel the
skin tightening as it dries.
Your face

Want a Quick Way to Remove Blackheads?
Steam your face for a few minutes and exfoliate
immediately afterwards! Finish by closing pores with a
cool compress.

To take care of enlarged skin pores you need lemon
juice and orange juice. Mix the juices and apply all over
your face in upward and outward stokes. Wash it after
10 minutes. This is also a good facial mask for oily skin!!
Also try: Ingredients: -one green tomato -one teaspoon
of honey. Directions: using a blender, puree the tomato
with the honey, apply to a clean face and leave on for 20
minutes, then wash.

Moisturizer, Primer, and Oil Blocker in One!
To create your own multitasking product, mix a pea
sized amount of Vaseline with your moisturizer. It
creates a dewy finish without looking greasy. The jelly
also doesn’t clog pores! The molecules are too large to
get into pores!

Over-treated a Bad Pimple? Flaking and
Scaling on a Random Patch of Skin?
Instead of panicking or slathering on moisturizer over
your make-up, reach for your lips’ best friend. Use a
good waxy lip balm, apply it to the dry patch and lightly
rub with your finger. The ingredients in the lip balm
will moisturize the spot while the wax will hold the
moisture in place without affecting your makeup!

Foundation Perfection!
When your foundation is applied correctly, it should
look like you aren’t wearing any at all! First, test the
color of the foundation on your jaw line. It should
disappear into the skin and blend well between the
face and neck. Then, apply the foundation to the
face, starting in the center and blending it over the
nose working outwards. You can apply this with a
foundation brush of your fingers. Finally, brush the
whole face with some translucent powder to keep it set.

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other (Senior Picture)tips

It Will Show!
Here are a few suggestions on how to detox for senior pics: Natural
aromatherapy oils or candles in the home - Listen to
calming music at night - have a massage at least once
a month - exercise at least 30 minutes a day - take a 20
minute walk in the evening - take all natural vitamins daily-
And don’t forget to smile!

Don’t Brush!!
Try not to brush your hair so much. Too much brushing
or combing will stimulate the glands to produce oil.

Let Those Dull Nails Shine!
If you find your nail polish has become dull, coat polished
nails with a drop of olive oil. Rub it in to your cuticles as
well. Your nails will be shining again in no time.

Eye Liner & Lip Pencil
Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, place it
in the freezer for around 10 minutes. They will harden
slightly and not break when sharpened.

Fix Chipped Polish on the Quick
Use a file and smooth out the chipped polish until the
ridge is even with the nail. Apply polish on to the chipped
area, and then let it dry. Afterwards, re-coat the entire nail.

No Pumps!
Don’t pump the brush in and out of the tube, the trapped
air will dry the mascara out.

lip service
Slipping lip gloss?
To stop your lip gloss from slipping, rub an ice cube over
your lips after applying.

The Flaky Pout
Make a lip scrub: mix granulated sugar with petrolium
jelly (aka: Vaseline). Rub on your lips and apply lip balm.

Make Your Lips *POP*
Line lips with a liner, and then dip a Q-tip in a similar
color powder, and run along the line. This will create a
mouth that pops out.

Want to Create Your Own Lip Color?
Create your own lip color by using a sheer lip-gloss and
mixing it with a favorite eye shadow


Makeup tips
and Other Little Gems...

For your senior pictures, we recommend wearing
make-up even if you don’t normally wear it. If you are
used to wearing make-up, we suggest applying your eye
make-up somewhat heavier than normal, what we would
call “evening” make-up. If you aren’t used to wearing
make-up, keep in mind, a little eyeliner and mascara will
go a long way. They will enhance the eyes and make them
more noticeable for your pictures.

Need Cosmetics in a Hurry?

Shop Stila Now Suggests: Do NOT first try these tips the day of your session. Do your hair and make-up
how you think you want it for your pictures, a few days before your session. Practice different
looks and find the one that works best. By
doing this, you can achieve your best possible
look for your senior pictures without wasting time.

We recommend wearing at least the following:
Eyes - black or brown eyeliner and mascara
(makes eyes more noticeable)
Lips - lip balm or clear lip gloss
(adds definition and shine to the mouth)
Face - translucent powder (helps cut down shine)

*Bonus Senior Picture Tips from Senior Pictures Online's "Best Tips":

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#1: Don't try a completely new haircut or style for senior pictures. Getting a "make-over" for Senior Pictures can backfire. You may find that you don't like your new look because "you don't look like yourself". Do what comes natural and the results will be more to your liking.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#2: Girls: Trends change, but right now just add a little makeup for color and to even out skin tones. If you just add a bit of lip color and some touch-ups on any acne breakouts you should have natural results without looking "made up". If the makeup looks good in the mirror, it should look fine in your senior pictures.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#3: A regular can of 99 cent hairspray can save the day if your Senior Pictures are being taken outside on a hot summer day or in a stuffy studio space. DO NOT spray it directly on your hair! Just spray a little bit on your hands and pat down your "flyaway" hairs to make them lie down - you will save yourself the headache and embarrassment of crazy "flyawayw" hairs in your senior pictures.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#4: If you want to give a little more "zap" to your Senior Pictures, use a hair product that has a higher shine rating. It will make the texture of your hairstyle stand out better.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#5: Ladies. AVOID ultra-high-shine lip gloss. That stuff will make big white "blob" reflections appear on your lips from the gloss. Use a "lustre" or similar if available.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#6: (Ladies: This is THE best tip for Black and White photography!) If your photographer is taking your Senior Pictures in Black & White, wear very Red lip color to make your lips appear darker and more dramatic. Pink-ish shades of lip color will really make them look gray and dull in the photographs.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#7: Guys and girls: Dab some makeup or cover up on acne breakouts prior to your session. You can save up to $25 per pose in retouching fees!

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